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财富坊cff888校友会是校友会的代表机构. 校友被定义为任何从财富坊cff888毕业或至少连续完成两个全日制学期的前学生.

About the Alumni Council

校友会是财富坊cff888校友社区的重要资源. It supports the mission, goals, and strategic direction of the University, represents the voice of alumni in the alumni engagement planning process, 并积极支持校友参与办公室和机构发展部门. Responsibilities of the Alumni Council include:  

  • Inform, involve, 并在校友与大学的终身关系中为他们服务
  • Serve as an ambassador for Carroll University, 努力提高大学在校友和更广泛社区中的知名度和声誉
  • Create, continuously update, 并执行校友会策略计划,为校友参与策略提供方向
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas between alumni and Carroll University
  • Attend and participate in Alumni Council meetings throughout the year
  • 参与及推广由学院发展部主办的校友活动及计划
  • 每年选出杰出校友奖及过去十年毕业生奖得主
  • 积极参与校友会小组委员会及特设工作小组,推行校友参与计划
  • Interview and select Student Alumni Ambassadors each year
  • Promote fundraising initiatives by seeking sponsors or funding sources

Meet Our Members

Comprised of alumni from various backgrounds, class years, identities, work experiences, and geographical locations, our mission is to broadly represent the voices of the 23,000+ alumni across the globe.

Tanya Atkinson

Tanya Atkinson ’93

“这所大学提供重要的学术和经济奖学金的能力使世界变得与众不同. This is also the reason I began engaging as a donor, hoping that whatever I can contribute makes a difference for someone else."
Niquanna (Walls) Barnett

Niquanna (Walls) Barnett ’00

Symone (Russell) Baldwin

Symone (Russell) Baldwin ’16

自从2012年加入先锋队以来,西蒙娜对卡罗尔的承诺一直很坚定.  她很荣幸通过参与校友会来继续她在卡罗尔的工作.
Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett '97

"I've helped students secure internships and employment, 并随时告诉我在卡罗大学遇到的任何人,让他们考虑把我当作专业资源."
Lucas Bennewitz

Lucas Bennewitz ’12 

"My Carroll experience certainly prepared me for law school. 文科教育是我在社区中伸张正义和承担责任的基础."
Abbie Bottom

Abbie (Bottom) Van Ess ’16, MBA ’18

“在我之前,先驱者的慷慨为我提供了经济缓冲,使我的教育成为可能. 有一件事我知道是真的,那就是先驱者是永远的,我总是从校友活动中得到比我付出更多的东西."
Ciara Czajkowski

Ciara Czajkowski ’21

"Every gift matters, whether it's $5 or $100. A little bit can go such a long way, and you might not even realize that. 你的礼物或大或小都将帮助卡罗尔保持这所优秀的学校,并在许多方面取得进步。”

Lauren Dove ’20

"Giving back to the community is a value that is emphasized at Carroll University, beginning during freshman orientation. While this is also a personal value of mine, 支持下一代专业人士将使校友在未来受益,因为他们将与今天的学生一起工作."
Kristen Stoll

Mariela (Lazcano) Garay '15

Mark Hackett

Mark Hackett ’14 

“我从卡罗尔及其捐赠者那里获得的奖学金和援助帮助我取得了今天的成功. 没有他们的慷慨,我不可能成为我们家第一批大学毕业生之一."
John Harrits

John Harrits ’76

"Carroll remains on a strong financial footing with an eye towards the future. While other schools are cutting back, Carroll is looking to expanding its offerings to meet future needs. 如果我们在175年后还能继续前进,那我们一定做对了什么."
Monica Ibarra

Monica Ibarra ’08

“如果我剥开我职业生涯的洋葱,它开始于财富坊cff888的一位导师,他欢迎我, and my toddler onto campus. They continued to inspire and motivate me to grow as a person and a professional."
Sarah Jensen

Sarah Jensen ’14, M.Ed. ’18

"I am a proud Carroll grad as my experience there not only shaped my knowledge, but who I am as an individual. It gave me a space to come into who I am, discover leadership qualities within myself, and gain a greater outlook on life outside of the bubble that I grew up in."
Kristen Stoll

Randy Kunkel '80

Ann Laatsch

Ann Laatsch ’88, Chair

"As critical as financial gifts are to the University’s future, “alumni engagement” means so much more! There are countless rewarding, meaningful ways to support current students, such as being a guest speaker in a classroom, attending or volunteering at an alumni event, developing internships or job opportunities, or even hosting an alumni gathering."
Griselda Macias

Griselda Macias ’08

"While at Carroll, I was able to serve in leadership roles in LASO, Student Senate, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion group. These experiences sparked my passion for advocacy, helping students access equitable educational opportunities."
Kate Peterson

Kate Peterson ’12

Nate Schwarzbach

Nate Schwarzbach ’13

“知道有人在经济上支持我的教育,帮助我取得今天的成就, inspires me to donate my time, talent, and treasure to help the alumni of tomorrow."
Gaylene (Blau) Stingl

Gaylene (Blau) Stingl ’90


Gregg Wandsneider

Gregg Wandsneider ’08

"I am interested in what is good, what is true, and what is beautiful. I want to be a voice for those who do positive things for our community."

Jo Ann Warren

Jo Ann Warren ’74 

"如果你也相信卡罗尔对你今天的成就起了很大的作用, 那么我想挑战你,帮助别人实现这个机会."
Dick Whittow

Dick Whittow ’76

“卡罗尔校友的慷慨使我有可能拥有我认为是独一无二的, personalized, quality education. I want to help provide this same experience for current and future students."
Kevin Wilkes

Kevin Wilkes ’12

威尔克斯牧师在2019年担任卡罗尔年度灵魂食品晚宴的主旨发言人,并帮助塑造了多样性, equity and inclusion efforts at Carroll.
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Your Name Here

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Alumni Council Recruitment

The Alumni Council seeks engaged, passionate, 以及有兴趣在这个非常重要的职位上服务的忠诚的校友,以支持财富坊cff888和机构进步的使命. One of the goals of the council is to encompass the 23,通过招募来自不同背景的校友,包括但不限于:年级, geographical location, race, gender, ability, work experiences, etc. 在校友会中有一个包罗万象的代表对校友会的使命和工作的成功至关重要.

Apply for the Alumni Council

It is expected that all Alumni Council members will:

  • Attend all meetings (6 per year, not including committee meetings)
  • Attend at least one alumni event per year
  • Share Carroll events and news with alumni peers – spread the word!
  • Make an annual gift to Carroll (Of any size - All gifts matter and make a difference!)
  • Share honest feedback as the group evaluates programs, 活动和方法,以便不断尝试以最好的方式吸引校友
  • Serve on Reunion Committees when applicable
  • Serve on at least one Alumni Council Committee (Executive, Distinguished Alumni Awards, Philanthropic Initiatives, Young Alumni, Student Engagement)
The application period runs through April. 有兴趣的申请人应将以下材料提交至校友参与办公室 on or before April 30 of each year.
Letter of interest that addresses the following:
  • Name, Graduation Year(s), Major(s)/Minor(s) at Carroll
  • What is your brief biographical history since you left Carroll? Please include professional and/or personal experiences as you deem appropriate.
  • What has been your involvement with Carroll since your graduation? (i.e. Attended events Volunteered on campus? Provided internship to student? Referred prospective student to Carroll? Spoke in a classroom?  Etc.)
  • Why do you want to serve on the Alumni Council? Please expand how this experience might be meaningful for you.
  • What is an idea to increase alumni engagement you want the Alumni Council to explore?

Thank you for your interest and commitment to Carroll!  The Alumni Council will follow up with all interested applicants.


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